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Peter Pan - The Rest of the Story
Peter Pan – the rest of the story

Gather round all you good little subbies, and grab a seat on the floor. You’ve heard the story, and you’ve seen the movies, I'm sure. But J. M. Barrie and Uncle Walt only told part of the tale -- they had to worry about those G ratings you understand. But Vivaine has the whole story, and she’s going to share it with you.

So, you ask, "What happened after the Pan and his crew defeated the evil Captain Hook and fed him to the crocodile?"

Well, the remaining pirates eventually overcame the posttraumatic stress and their anger management issues. Smee came out of the closet and wrote a steamy, tell-all best seller about shipboard life with an all male crew at sea for months at a time. He’s now captain of his own “pirate” ship running tourists out on two day cruises from St. Bart’s and Nassau.

The Lost Boys were taken into foster care, and eventually found loving adoptive homes, where they grew up to lead normal, productive lives after learning to suppress all those antisocial tendencies.

John and Michael Darling went home safe and happy, and eventually grew up to be just as straight-laced as their father.

Peter finally dealt with his intimacy and commitment issues, and found love and fulfillment in an adult relationship with Wendy. They too grew up to be much like Mr. and Mrs. Darling – with the possible exception of Peter’s tendency to crow at certain, um, delicate times. And the thing with the thimbles. We don't talk about the thing with the thimbles. Hey, “Your kink is not my kink”, OK?

Then there was Tinkerbell – resurrected through the power of belief it seems but with no job, no home, and, worst of all, no harem of needy little boys to look after. Poor Tink. But Tink’s a survivor, pets, and not the kind you see on the TV shows. Tink may have been a little lost at first, but she can deal.

First she took some personal time to catch up on her reading. Then she had several interesting chats with the mermaids and Tiger Lily, and found that they have a lot in common. She took their advice and gave herself a makeover; she got rid of that tatty little green dress and the pink puffy slippers. Then she took a vacation to do a little traveling, and she met some very interesting new friends.

In short, Tinkerbell got her groove back. Man, did she get her groove back.
Tink got freaky wit’ it.

So now it’s Mistress Bell to you.

She’s working on plans to open the Lost Boys’ Neverland camp as a full service, exotic, erotic tourist destination. She’s put in a fully stocked dungeon and new beach facilities at the pirate cove. She and Smee are discussing a contract for the pirates to provide cruise services to Skull Rock and Mermaid Cove. Tiger Lily has signed on to oversee the camping and horseback activities. The only real hurdle left is the copyright dispute with Michael Jackson.

And she’s definitely interviewing for a new harem.

~ and they all lived happily ever after.

Except for Captain Hook, of course.

And maybe the crocodile.

The End.

Good night all you good little subbies.
Sweet dreams, Vivaine

Revived from the cobwebby end of the archive. I used to have an adorable pic to go with this but that's been lost along the way *sigh*

Disclaimer: I’m sure Paul Harvey probably has some kind of copyright to the phrase “the rest of the story”. You know I don’t own any part of any of these characters and Disney has a permanent lock on the animated images. I’m not making any profit from them; I just suggest that they might do some interesting things.

Scary That....
I just had the strangest dream. I was living in a 1980's Olivia Newton John movie. We were a tribe of prehistoric, nomadic, vegan aerobics instructors. I was playing all the parts except ONJ... even the parrot.

And it wasn't a nightmare. 0_o

And I'm strangely OK with that. Maybe I'm in shock *feels forehead gingerly*. How does one tell?

At least there weren't roller skates.


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