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Vivaine's Vagaries

My mind is a very strange place to live sometimes

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Your assignment should you choose to accept it...
OK, now I'm going to do something I swore I'd never do: I'm asking for advice. I have started (and only started mind you) and original fiction story that may or may not become more than one tale. I have three 'chunks' written - 1500 to 3000 wprds each - with spelling and grammar checked, but I'm starting to fall into the write/revise/rewrite/replot loop that is slowing my completion rate.

I would like to have another set of eyes look it over to see where I need to include more description in what is, so far, a fairly dialog-driven set of scenes. Pointing out where I might unpack more backstory would be helpful as well.

Points to consider before volunteering:
In the scenes I've written the dialog carries the action - there will be plenty of action later, I just haven't gotten there yet.
The genre is steampunk - a new one for me - so tech level is early industrial with lots of odd gadgets.
The society is modeled on late Victorian European lines but this is an alternate universe where Greco-Roman history was quite different.
The primary romantic relationships are M/M with some mild M/F on the sidelines. Let me clarify that the love stories are between adults over the age of 18, a few of whom are 'college' students. These will probably be steamy enough to rate a warning.
The main setting is a residential school (preschool thru college levels) for orphaned boys. (Not like Hogwarts at all other than the castle)
The first story tells why and how the school was founded, and includes a pandemic with a high mortality rate in adults.
The second story uses the same setting but occurs later, after the school is well established. This one focuses on a young man with a physically and sexually abusive past. This was my main story until I started asking "How did this school get started?"

So if you or someone you know would be willing to provide a bit of constructive input on some very raw talespinning, or if you can point me toward an online resource or group that could help, drop me a comment and I'll post the files here.

Crossing my fingers that someone can help,

I'm here from your post on Little Details and I'd be interested in reading what you have. Erm, I have beta-read for fanfiction and edited for original fiction and can give you references, if you like.


Your assignment ,,,

Why thank you! I'll get the first bit up tomorrow - I'm on my way to sleepy time just now :)