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Vivaine's Vagaries

My mind is a very strange place to live sometimes

The Frenchman - a must read for MM fans
For those on my flist who love M/M romance as much I do you really must (must, must, must) go read 'The Frenchman' by Anel Viz on Wilde Oats. The tale raises the question: If someone saves your life, and you feel you owe him everything, just how much does 'everything' include? It is extraordinary and chilling tale telling. For a story based around a homosexual relationship the erotic content is minimal and mostly off screen, although there is one fairly frank discussion.

Story Warnings: Dubious consent, borderline underage, historically correct racism against Native Americans, character death. Extra warning: This is not an HEA story. This one broke my heart.

From the website:
“The Frenchman” by Anel Viz appeared in [Wilde Oats] 9th issue (December 2011). Canada in the 1830s: A clerk for the Hudson’s Bay Company takes an interest in a gruff fur trapper and the half-breed boy who lives with him.

Wilde Oats is the successor to Forbidden Fruit, an online literary journal for gay and bisexual men.